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What is the Best Way to Learn QuickBooks Online?

What is the Best Way to Learn QuickBooks Online?

Practical Instructions to Learn QuickBooks

QuickBooks Online is the newest addition to the QuickBooks family of financial software. This computer program offers financial solutions. It also offers the ability to extract data in support of your application for small business finacning. The best way to learn QuickBooks Online is to take advantage of the program’s trial period of 30 days. QuickBooks Online does not require any credit card information before using its applications. In fact, the only thing you will need to input is:

–Your name

–Your company name and address


best way to learn quickbooks online


Signing up for QuickBooks Online takes but a few moments. Although it is likely that you will need to add information as you delve deeper into this accounting program. The best way to learn QuickBooks Online is simple for those who have a background about two fundamental skills: Computers and Accounting. Basic accounting concepts include:






–Liabilities, and

–Equity, among others

It is best to have a good understanding as to how these concepts contribute to a Profit & Loss statement or the Balance Sheet. As you begin to understand the best way to learn QuickBooks Online, remember how this program will be able to save you time and effort. QuickBooks Online makes everyday tasks easier by:

–Less data entry required

–The ability to work from anywhere

–The capability of capturing receipts using your smart phone

–The option to share your company data with your accountant

What to do when you have completed the Initial Setup of QuickBooks Online

When you have successfully setup the trial period, it is a great time to begin poking around at the benefits and solutions the program has to offer. This can be in one lengthy learning session, or spread out over a few days. At the end of the trial period, the software user needs to register for QuickBooks Online which includes paying for its use.

However, there are a few of learning techniques available to help you find the best way to learn QuickBooks Online. Many of these useful educational tools are free to use. They include:

–Video Tutorials by Intuit, (QuickBooks Online Developer and Manufacturer) – QuickBooks offers many no-cost video tutorials.

–Community Forums – Quickbooks Online has an online community forum in which you can ask more specific questions that other more seasoned users can answer.

–YouTube Instructional Videos – Videos on YouTube are one of the best ways to learn QuickBooks Online. Within YouTube’s platform, you will find a robust number of instructional videos on how to use QuickBooks Online. Click here to view 39 easy to follow videos on how to use QuickBooks created by

The Benefits of QuickBooks Online

As you begin to discover the best way to learn Quickbooks Online, you will discover:

–It provides a versatile platform to attend to your financial matters. When you have surpassed the initial learning curve, QuickBooks Online provides the tools necessary to manage the financial aspects of your business.

It offers tremendous value for those in need of its software applications.

It has an easy-to-learn platform. But remember that there is a learning curve to pass if you are to take advantage of all the benefits offered by QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks Online has an internal merchant services capacity. As such, there is great ease when clients wish to pay by a credit or debit card. These transactions are then integrated into the QuickbBooks Online data banks.

It has a Payroll platform that works well.

Learning Options for Quickbooks Online

The free trial offered by QuickBooks Online essentially provides a full month of unlimited access at no cost. This allows new and seasoned accounting professional or business owners a chance to learn at their own specific pace. There are those who will want to study the software program quickly. Of course, still others may want to move a bit slower to digest the oodles of information brought forth. Both approaches are appropriate learning techniques, with one technique no better than the other.

Live online courses are one of the best ways to learn QuickBooks Online. These live virtual classrooms have taken the traditional classroom model to new high-tech levels. This type of learning tool is accomplished by the technological application known as the Interactive Webinar, where the student connects to the instructor in real time.

The quality of a live online webinar classroom varies widely. To ensure that you receive the best way to learn QuickBooks Online, Pay attention and lean towards the webinar that allows you to view the instructors screen in real time and the webinar that provides a platform for inquires, comments and even a text chat. The objectives of these webinars is to offer profoundly competent lesson about:

The creation of invoices

The creation of credit memos

An Inventory tracking management system

The steps necessary to accurately track the costs of ongoing and completed projects

The generation of a variety of financial reports

QuickBooks Online employs a user-friendly software platform based upon the well thought-out placement and content of the program’s menus. Each page within the program allows the user to link and navigate from page to page without a need to return to their dashboard or home page.

Using the Data Generated by QuickBooks Online to Apply for Small Business Financing

One of most often overlooked benefits of QuickBooks Online, is the capability of extracting financial data used when applying for small business financing. Your QuickBooks invoices can be used to apply for revenue based loans and ACH business loans.

If you are in the market for small business financing, LenCred offers many business lending programs that could suit you. LenCred, a financial services company, assists small business owners, as well as entrepreneurs, in obtaining financing for their business endeavors. LenCred generally focuses upon unsecured lines of credit but they also help small business owners secure revenue based loans, SBA loans, equipment financing and small business loans of all types.

Are you an entrepreneur seeking additional capital (money) to expand your business or secure inventory for the upcoming ‘season’? If so, contact the small business lending professionals at LenCred to find out if you qualify for funding. You may be able to use your QuickBooks Recurring Invoices to get capital for your business.

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