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A Great Tool That Will Help You Build a Profitable Small Business Online

A Great Tool That Will Help You Build a Profitable Small Business Online

Building your business online could be the key to your success. The internet has proven to be an integral part of marketing and advertising in this day and age for many small businesses. When discussing your business with someone, one of the first things they often ask is “do you have a website?” A website is an excellent way to present your products and/or services to prospective customers, clients, or business partners.

Building a profitable business online may be new to you. If that’s the case, it would be wise to learn everything you need to know to do it the right way (so you can get the best result). Using the right tool(s) is the key to building a successful business online. I learned how to build my business online through a robust website hosting and building tool called SiteSell. SiteSell is an excellent tool for entrepreneurs and small business owners that don’t want to simply hire someone to build a business online for them, rather do it themselves.


Growing a Small Business Online


There are  a number of features that the tool provides for beginners who are new to building a business online. All of these features serve a great purpose however there are 4 key features that, in my experience, serve the biggest purpose. These key features include:


  1. Step by Step Video Training – SiteSell’s video training shows you step by step how to build a website and attract visitors so you can generate leads and close sales. This is something big, popular web hosting companies like WordPress simply don’t do. I learned everything from “how to choose the best keywords for my business niche” to “how to write effective copy for the web.” This training was invaluable and has given me the knowledge I need to write good content that will attract website visitors and generate leads for my business. If you know anything about the internet you know that content is king! A significant part of SiteSell’s video training is teaching you how to write killer content that will help you generate targeted leads and close sales so you can generate revenue.


  1. Keyword Research Tool – Like I stated before, content is king online! You need to write and distribute good quality content that is helpful to a website visitor, to build a following online. You also need to understand the importance of inserting keywords into your content that the search engines will pick up on. Ranking at a high position (i.e. the first page) in the search engines is heavily dependent on which keywords you insert into your content. This is in addition to how much your website visitors share links to your content on social media networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.


When someone does a search on Google, Yahoo, or Bing, they enter specific keywords into the search box with the hope that the information they are looking for will pop up on the fist page. SiteSell’s keyword research tool will help you determine the most profitable keywords to choose for your business niche. The tool will even tell you if the keyword is being heavily used by your competitors and whether or not you will have a significant chance of generating a lot of traffic by using it.


  1. Website Builder w/SEO Analysis – If you’ve never built or designed your own website, SiteSell can make that possible. It comes with a website builder tool that enables you to build and design your own website in the simplest way possible. It provides you with templates that you can customize (and it comes along with instructions that will teach you how to do so). It’s a drag and drop website builder that produces a professional looking website. It will look as if you hired an experienced designer to do it.


The website builder also has an integrated SEO (search engine optimization) analysis tool that will analyze all of your website content pages before you make them live on the web. The SEO analysis tool will tell you if you used your keyword enough times throughout your content and if you have enough images on your page, amongst other things. This is important because search engines pay attention to these things when deciding how to rank your website. The SEO analysis tool will tell you if your pages are good enough for search engines before you actually put them on the web. This will help you produce the best content.


  1. Website Traffic Analysis – So you’ve built your website and valuable search engine optimized content that’s helpful to your website visitors, now what? You need to analyze your website traffic to determine if your efforts are paying off. SiteSell comes with a traffic analysis tool that will tell you how much traffic you are getting on a daily basis, where that traffic is coming from, and which keywords are helping you generate the most traffic. Analyzing your website traffic is the key to understanding if your web marketing efforts are paying off.


Although the aforementioned components are the most important part of the SiteSell tool, it also has many other components that will contribute to your online business success. This includes (but is not limited to) an email marketing tool that enables you to send out newsletters and other content to you email list subscribers at your own discretion. Sending out a newsletter on weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis will keep you fresh in the mind of your website visitors. If they don’t buy right away, your newsletter will keep them aware of your business so they can buy from you in the future.

Lastly, SiteSell also has several components called Socialize It! and Content 2.0. These tools enable you to share your content across your social networks at the push of a button and your website visitors to post comments on your website content that interests them. Allowing your website visitors to comment on and share your content on social media networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ is the key to ranking highly in the search engines and generating a significant amount of targeted traffic to your website.

Generating targeted website traffic is the key to generating leads and closing sales online so you can build a profitable business. SiteSell will teach you how to do all of these things in a simple and practical way, and at an affordable price. It costs only $300 per year, which is more than affordable for the average entrepreneur.

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