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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose LenCred to Help You Get Capital for Your Small Business Startup

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose LenCred to Help You Get Capital for Your Small Business Startup

LenCred is a leader in helping small business startup owners get the capital needed to successfully launch a new business. A little over a decade ago, LenCred was also a small business startup. The Founder and CEO of LenCred (as well as his staff) knows what it means to be in your position. They also know what it takes for small business startup owners to be able to get capital. When you choose LenCred to help you get capital for your small business startup, you are getting expert help from a group of people who can relate to you and also understand the small business financing industry. Here are five more reasons why you should choose LenCred to help you get capital for your small business startup–


  1. They understand personal and business credit – The majority of the LenCred staff are FICOPro People with this certification have been trained on how to properly analyze your personal credit report to determine if you should borrow money, if you are qualified to borrow money, and what type of financing you should apply for. The LenCred staff also specializes in business credit. They have an exceptional understanding of how to help you obtain unsecured business lines of credit and use them to help you build your business credit score. The best experts should be able to tell you how to build and/or improve your personal and business credit to have a better chance at raising capital from banks and lenders. Most banks and lenders are checking your personal and/or business credit history to determine if your small business startup qualifies for financing. Working with an expert who understands all of this will help you better prepare yourself to apply for financing.


  1. They can figure out the best type of financing for you – Not all financing for small business startups is created equal. There are many different ways to finance a business and all of them will not work for you. Fortunately, the LenCred team can help you figure out what type of financing is right for your small business startup. Knowing what type of financing is right for your small business startup will enable you to make better decisions and increase your chances of getting approved the first time you apply. You will avoid wasting time applying for the wrong type of financing and getting denied.


  1. They can direct you to the most appropriate lenders – Just like there are different types of financing for small business startups, there are different types of lenders that provide that financing. All lenders are not like traditional banks. Traditional banks are the banks in your neighborhood like Chase, Bank of America, or your local credit union. There are alternative lenders out there as well that do not have locations in your local area. These are lenders that you would never know anything about. LenCred has the knowledge and connections to introduce you to the most appropriate lenders for you. You will not be limited to applying for financing with your local banks and credit unions if you decide to work with LenCred. (LenCred also has relationships with traditional banks that may not be located in your state).


  1. They specialize in working with small business startups – LenCred works with hundreds if not thousands of small business startups each year. In fact, I have referred numerous clients to LenCred, most of which were small business startup owners. The LenCred team specializes in helping entrepreneurs obtain unsecured business lines of credit, which, in my professional opinion, seems to be one of the easiest types of capital to obtain for startups.


Get Started with LenCred Today

If you have a small business startup and you’re in need of capital, I strongly suggest contacting the LenCred team today. They have the knowledge and expertise to help you increase your chances of obtaining capital for your business. You could have up to $50,000 or more for your small business startup in as little as the next 30 days (if you qualify). Click here to contact the LenCred team for more information.

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