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Ready to Start a Business? Here’s a Few Ideas for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Ready to Start a Business? Here’s a Few Ideas for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship entails having an idea, finding the required resources and taking risks. Having entrepreneur ideas alone cannot guarantee success; you need financing from institutions like LenCred. Finance should be blended with the required skills of implementing a specific idea and a risk-taking attitude. To those desiring to be budding entrepreneurs, there are hundreds of entrepreneur ideas that you can choose from. Settling for one among the many should be informed by your passion, inherent skills and the determination to persevere doing that venture in hard times. Read on to sample some of the ideas you can undertake.



Start an Online Business, It’s Simple

The cheapest of all entrepreneur ideas that you can invest in is an online business. Online startups have a slow start and require determination and perseverance to reap. Nonetheless, these startups require little capital to start and have relatively lower operating costs. This implies that you can start a venture today and see it through the hard initial days. Online based ventures can be for selling products or offering services. In this case, you need to evaluate your skills or what can you sell. A case in point, you could commercialize your talent by advertising classes online and offering them at a fee. Start off by creating a Facebook page or website with your details for prospective clients to contact you.


Blogging is a Popular Online Business

Alternatively, blogging about your passions is one of the lucrative entrepreneur ideas you can choose. For example, let’s say you have a passion for a sport like basketball. To start, set up a blogsite and quickly post your first article. Come back again and do an article about ‘a guide to getting a good basketball coach in your town’. Repeat the same and post new content repeatedly connected to your lead article on basketball. For instance, write about getting the right shoes, tips on how to improve your skills and many more. The key to succeeding as a blogger is to post lots of content to get your readers engaged and informed. With great content, you will have successfully created a formidable online platform for your niche (basketball) that all fans will want to visit. More visitors to your blog means great traffic, which translates to income. Simply pick a passion and blog about it. As time goes, you can sell merchandise onsite like e-books and video content for your clients, hence making money.


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Other Entrepreneur Ideas That May Work for You

Turn your social media hobby into a business. Social media is a powerful and lucrative tool for those with a great presence on the many social media platforms. You can build up a company that offers services like managing social media accounts for corporate companies. You could also be an influencer who can be outsourced to market products for these companies.


  • Start an errand services company. Errand services business is good because it has minimal running costs. Such a startup will require good knowledge of your locality. You could offer errand services like shopping and dry cleaning for clients within your neighborhood.


  • You could also start up a courier service. Deliver items from one person to another and charge a fee for the deliveries. This startup is good because, again you do not need to have a lot of financial resources to begin. All you need is your car or transport and great reviews on your services.


  • Buying and reselling stuff online. This is one of the easiest entrepreneur ideas to invest in. This venture will require good knowledge of the price variations between your location and those posted on eBay or Amazon. Buy products that are cheaper elsewhere and resell them in a market that can fetch a good price.


  • You can start an event planning company. Create a company that will change the nature in which reunions or weddings are done. For this venture, it is essential to be a good communicator with impeccable organization. You need to be hands on and able to satisfy the needs of your first clients for you to succeed in event planning and management.


  • Open a pet care center. If you love pets and have knowledge on how to take care of them, setting up a business around this passion can be rewarding. You need to be abreast with pet grooming, know what they should feed on and come up with a schedule for playing with them. Although pet care centers are fairly easier to start, you will require adequate space to house these animals.


These Entrepreneur Ideas are Good But Require More Time

  • Invest in farming. For those living upcountry, farming is one of the most lucrative entrepreneurial ideas if done well. You need to research and see which crops flourish within your climate. Alternatively, invest in a greenhouse and begin producing your groceries or fruits. As an alternative, going into animal farming is equally lucrative. Poultry, fishing keeping and dairy farming are good options.


  • You can start a giclée printing service in your neighborhood. Giclée printing is a high quality and long lasting form of printing that involves specialized inks, printing paper and resolutions.


  • Open a bakery if you have good baking skills. You can start this business within you home or simply dive in and open a store; if there is none in your neighborhood.


  • If you have knowledge on interior décor, practicing design should be top on your business ideas list. Interior designing is quite intricate and many real estate developers normally outsource designers’ input when doing their final touches. Setting up a company and sourcing for contracts from real estate companies can be an easier way to start.


  • Open a furniture repair and refurbishing business right from your compound. Advertise and source for clients within your neighborhood. However, you need to be good in carpentry. As time goes you could buy old seats then repair and refurbish them before reselling.


  • Open a water refill station. This is a simple business where you will sell clean and portable water. This business requires little technology to start and is profitable.


  • Open a restaurant. Investing in the food industry is lucrative. Open a restaurant and turn you home recipes into income. Restaurant business gives you the liberty to dictate the prices you set.


  • Sell books. Set up a book store and you could include movies for those who do not like reading. This business is favorable for upcountry locations where online movie and book platforms are not popular.


  • Sell car spare parts and offer auto repair services. For this business, an expansive knowledge on cars and their repair is required. Auto repair business in lucrative because cars need servicing and repairs. Stocking spare parts will be complementing as you will sell to these clients whenever they do repairs.

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