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How to Finance a Business Start Up (Video)

How to Finance a Business Start Up (Video)

Video Transcription:

Hey everybody this Tom from LenCred hope you are doing well.
We are filming a series of these videos today so thanks for checking us out.

The next question comes from Cindy and she asked, how do I finance a start up small business?

Cindy that is another great question and you know, starting a finance, financing a start-up business is always a challenge.

It is tougher to get financing when you are start up, but it is when you need it the most.

So it is not fair right? So it always easier when you are established, have good credit, show a lender that you have tax returns, with net profits.

That is always easier but what do you do when you are in the start-up phase?

We have actually done a lot writing about this online so you can check out some of our content online.

But start up options come down to things like micro loans, rolling over your IRA’s and 401k’s, sometimes using credit cards, and sometimes using personal savings that you have.

There are lots of different ways but it all begins with knowing those options.

So if you are not sure what those options are feel free to check out, we have a free eBook called the 16 Best and Most Common Business Financing Options for Your Small Business.

It is free, you can grab it right on our website.

Or if you want to talk to somebody, you have any questions. You can check us out online and you know ask us, you know call us, or we have an apply now option, and also you can write, go right on our website and apply.

That is if you want to talk to somebody. So again you know expect those start up options to be a little higher cost and probably wont have as many options.

But they are there and that can, that money the you get can help you get that dream of yours started and get the business off the ground.

Thanks for checking us out today.


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