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How to Get Working Capital (Video)

How to Get Working Capital (Video)

Hey guys this is Sean Mory with LenCred again. Here to answer another one of your questions in less then 60 seconds or hopefully close to it if I can. I am our senior financial advisor here today and we are answering a question from Micheal out of Minnesota.

Micheal asks how to get working capital? So great question, really it is obviously it is going to depend first and foremost if you are a startup or if you are an established business.

But let us just start with the basic, how do I get it (working capital)? First thing that is going to be most important is your credit. If you do not have good credit, it is going to be a challenge to borrow for your business. Unless you are an established business doing substantial revenue.

So lets say you are a start-up or your revenue is below what the bank will take. Vary simply put, once you know your credit is strong, find an expert. Find someone you can trust, ask the right questions, make sure you research it. Go to google, search LenCred, to find out what unsecured capital is. More importantly what working capital is. Here at

LenCred, not only do we want to get you capital the right way, we want to make sure we are going to be the right partner for you. So you want to make sure who ever you work with, they have your best interest in mind and they are getting you products that will make sense of the usage behind the need.

With that being said guys, that is the basic answer. I would love to get additional questions from you. Otherwise, give us a call at the number above 1.888.783.1503 or you can visit us at Thanks.

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