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What to Do After You Launch a New Business

What to Do After You Launch a New Business

After you launch a new business, you should immediately begin implementing revenue generating activities that will enable your business to gain new customers or clients. Obtaining new customers or clients should be the primary focus of any new business because it could potentially enable you to begin generating revenues right away. Generating revenue as quickly as possible is extremely important for a new business because you will quickly go out of business if there is no money coming in.


Word of Mouth Marketing


The Best Way to Get New Customer or Clients

The best way to get new customers or clients is to implement a proven marketing strategy that will get you the exposure you need to generate targeted leads. I cannot stress this enough. My business suffered early on because I lacked the exposure I needed to generate targeted leads. If no one knows your business exists, how will you get customers? If you don’t get customers or clients, how will you make money? You won’t.  I had to learn that the hard way. They primary key to getting customers and clients is exposure. You also need to know how to brand yourself and stand out from the competition. However, once you understand how to do that – exposure is critical to your business success.


Try Word of Mouth Marketing – It Still Works

In the beginning my marketing budget was zero. This is the same for many entrepreneurs starting their first business. If you don’t have a marketing budget (or even if you do), you will most likely need to build the business initially through word of mouth. The good thing about word of mouth marketing in the current day and age is that it is no longer just done offline. Word of mouth marketing can take place online as well, mainly through social media. The beauty of social media (aka online word of mouth marketing), is that is free! Discovering social media helped me get out of the rut I was in after starting my business by getting the exposure that I needed to be successful.

I created a free LinkedIn profile page and begin promoting my services using the LinkedIn platform. I did this by adding new connections (who I thought fit into my target market) and sending them messages to introduce myself. This worked perfectly for me and I was able to quickly obtain 7 new clients that helped me generate an upwards of $20,000 in revenue (in just a few short months). Social media also helped me meet people that I could network with offline. I often had new prospects inquire about my services who told me they heard about me offline from someone who found me online.


Develop Your Website

When using social media to get exposure for your business, it’s also important to have a website. Your social media profile pages should always link to your website so people can find out more information about your business. Your website should serve as a way to introduce yourself to prospective customers or clients. It should outline what your business is all about, what services you offer and information on how prospective customers or clients can get in touch with you. A website is also a good way to share free information with prospective customers or clients that will enhance their knowledge of topics related to your business products and/or services (and help them in some way).

Getting maximum exposure on the internet is all about sharing free, valuable information that your target market can learn from. If your target market feels as though they have learned something new from the information you provide on your website, they may be more inclined to do business with you. In this day and age, having a website is just as important as obtaining a TAX ID or legally registering your business. Some people will ask you if you have a website if you tell them you own a business so develop your website now so you can be prepared. I did and it has helped me tremendously in regards to getting exposure for my business and generating targeted leads.


Don’t Forget About Business Cards and Brochures

Good old business cards and brochures are still an effective way to get exposure for your business (and to get prospects to remember you). If you are using social media to get exposure for your business and connect with people you plan on networking with offline, it’s important to have business cards or brochures to give to them. In my experience, the moment you tell someone you own a business (when you are at a networking event) they will eventually ask you for a business card if they are in need of the products or services you offer.

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