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Answering all Your Small Business Questions: The Funding Dr.

Answering all Your Small Business Questions: The Funding Dr.

I want to take a moment and introduce you to The Funding Dr., a new podcast sponsored by LenCred. The Funding Dr. is here to answer all your small business financing questions.  So with out further ado let me introduce you to The Funding Dr.

Take a moment to check out the latest Funding Dr. Podcast here.


In December of 2009 Tim joined LenCred full time to help manage the operations and growth of the company as it was apparent that LenCred had something to offer that small businesses across the country needed. As part of the growth that LenCred has been experiencing, Tim opened our Arkansas office in Bentonville with 2 people and we currently have 43 people working with us to serve our clients. Yes, Bentonville, AR, home of Wal-Mart headquarters, the original Wal-Mart, fantastic golf courses, and lots of great people. Tim has been in management most of his entire career. Tim was instrumental in helping Wal-Mart develop the vision centers as a start-up business that are located inside of their stores and later joined Sam’s Club in the Photo and Cellular phone start- up business.


In his 15 year career with the world’s largest retailer as a regional manager in charge of operations in over 150 locations, Tim has been honored with numerous leadership awards including the “Sam M. Walton Excellence in Leadership” Award. Tim has been involved in numerous start-up divisions and businesses within his career and helped develop them into strong business segments. In 2005 he left Wal-mart Stores and opened his own Recording Studio in Cave Springs Arkansas where he himself became one of the 80% of small business owners whose business failed due to lack of capital as he grew. This was part of the inspiration to join his Nephew at LenCred so that he could teach other small business owners the right way to borrow money so they did not become part of that statistic.

As the Funding Dr. He will bring experience, expertise in Credit and numerous knowledgeable guests to you for the best and accurate information to help you in your search for funding for your small business. Today Tim is SR.VP at LenCred . Same company, Same people just a different name that tells more about what we do. Tim often ends his story by saying “I am proud to be a part of a company whose values are formed on honesty, integrity and actually caring about the client which is novelty in these times.”

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