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Unsecured Business Funding Small Business Loans (Video)

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Hey everybody this is Tom from LenCred.
Thanks again for checking out some of our videos here.
Today we are filming a series of them. Thank you for sending in your questions.
The next question today comes from Angela and she asks how can I get unsecured business funding for my small business?
Angela that is another great question. Um. Unsecured just means that you can borrow money without needing to pledge collateral.
So if you are looking for borrowing money where you don’t need to pledge collateral. There some, a few ways you can do that. um.
Business financing is always know what those options are. So, you’ve got both loans and lines of credit.
So you might want begin by looking for either a unsecured loan or unsecured lines of credit.
Or maybe a combination of both of them. Remember, you know, how much money you need is also going to come into play.
And you are probably going to need some pretty good personal credit if you are looking to borrow money without collateral.
Because, you know, a lender is going to need to know that you are going to repay them. If your credit is damaged then they are going to be concerned about whether you will have any problems with paying them back, since maybe you have some issues with paying other people in the past.
So when you are looking for unsecured business funding, it all begins with knowing what your options are.
If you have any questions feel free to check out some of our free content on our website.
Or if you would like to talk to someone we have no obligation consultations that you can have with some of our people here, some of our advisors.
Or you can hit the Apply Now tab if you like go ahead and apply and see what your options are we can help you with that.
But again, check it out do some research let us know if we can help.
And there are absolutely ways you can borrow money without needing collateral.
So good luck with your business and thanks for writing in!

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