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7 Young Entrepreneurs Under 30 That Are Successful

7 Young Entrepreneurs Under 30 That Are Successful

Making it as a young entrepreneur entails a good business plan, hard work and risk taking. Young entrepreneurs form a crop of resilient youth. Entrepreneurs are courageous enough to forgo employment and seek their passions. Twenties can be tough to many seeking self-employment through ventures and small businesses. To succeed as an entrepreneur in this age, there are values you ought to have. To master them, visit LenCred for an article on ‘what defines an entrepreneur’. However, there is a crop of successful young entrepreneurs under 30 you can get inspiration from.


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Evan Spiegel
Born in June 4th 1990, Evan is already a billionaire. Valued at $4 billion, he tops the list of young entrepreneurs under 30 years. He is the CEO of Snap Inc, a company credited for coming up with Snapchat. Evan is an internet entrepreneur who began his entrepreneurial journey at college. While still studying product design in Stanford, Evan proposed Snapchat as part of a project. Similar to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Evan also put books aside and collaborated with his college friends to create Snapchat. He is currently the CEO of Snapchat. This budding entrepreneur, who is married to Miranda Ker, ranks at 854 in Forbes rich list.


John Collison
John is an Irish investor widely known for being behind the creation of Stripe. Stripe aside, John and his elder brother Patrick have created a number of products. In 2007, the two brothers created Shuppa which joined Y Combinator to form Auctomatic led by Chris Secca. The young entrepreneurs’ startup later relocated to Silicon Valley. Auctomatic created applications and software that were incorporated by eBay. It was later sold for $5 million. John Collison later enrolled in Harvard and went on to build Stripe in 2010. His success came when Capital G heavily invested in Stripe. In 2016, General Catalyst Partners valued Stripe at $9.2 billion, making John the youngest billionaire with a net worth of $1.1 billion.


Patrick Collison
Elder brother to John Collison, Patrick is a young billionaire out of being an entrepreneur. Born in September 1988, this Irish young entrepreneur is known for co-founding Stripe with John Collison in 2010. Stripe has received backing notably from Peter Thiel and Sequoia Capital. Patrick Collison began his career in entrepreneurship at a tender age of ten. As a kid, he was abreast with computers especially programming. At 16, Patrick won the Young Scientist Technology Exhibition in 2005. He then enrolled at MIT but later dropped out. Together with his brother John, the young entrepreneurs created Shuppa. Funding setbacks with Enterprise Ireland led the latter to relocate to Silicon Valley. In California, Y Combinator showed great interest in their venture, leading to a partnership that bred the then $5 million-dollar Auctomatic.


Bobby Murphy
Bobby was born in 1988 in Berkeley California to a Filipino-Chinese mother and English-Scottish father. Both of his parents are still government employees in California. Bobby is an alumnus of Stanford University. He graduated with an engineering degree back in 2010. Bobby Murphy began his journey as an entrepreneur with Snapchat. He was part of the founding team together with Spiegel.

Little known Bobby created a startup called Future Freshman, which aimed at helping high school students to apply for colleges. Future Freshman, however, did not pick and soon flopped. Bobby’s software ingenuity was to be effective in Snapchat’s design. First, he created Picaboo, an app that made it possible for users to upload disappearing messages. With input from Spiegel, the young entrepreneurs transformed Picaboo to Snapchat in 2011. After the company was launched, Bobby was in charge of the engineering department. His leadership has seen the company come up with new features like Spectacles. The Bobby-led innovation allows a user to capture, record and share videos to a snapchat account with the aid of smart glasses. The young entrepreneurs collectively own up to 45% of company shares and 70% of the voting rights. By June 2017, Bobby Murphy’s net worth stood at $4 billion. In 2015, he was listed second amongst the richest young entrepreneurs globally.


Alessandro Babini
Alessandro Babini is a sport science entrepreneur. He attended London School of Economics prior to enrolling at MIT. While at MIT, Alessandro met Humon’s co-founder, Daniel Wise, in a dorm room. Daniel was a mechanical engineering student who was completing his PhD at that time.

As part of an assignment presentation, Daniel wanted to incorporate technology with biology. He sought to establish how the two fields can be incorporated to improve physical performance especially in athletes. The ability to turn such an abstract idea to a real business was vital to their success. Alessandro’s idea, together with Dan’s expertise in adaptive learning, yielded Humon.

Humon has gone to become the leading technology that offers performance information to athletes globally. This tool gives data that can be used by athletes to improve their endurance and practice.


Jennifer Chong
Linjer is a budding bag-making company formed by two young entrepreneurs. Jennifer’s boyfriend Roman Khan is attributed to leading to the invention of this idea. He asked Jennifer at one time to get him a stylish leather bag with no label on it. Jennifer, an Economics graduate from Dartmouth University, in the end found no bag to match the description. This led to her designing and creating a leather bag for Khan. And just like that, they created a company.

Linjer became operational in 2014 under Jennifer Wong’s leadership. The company makes briefcases, duffle bags and totes. By January 2016, the company had made $1 million in sales with its bag prices ranging from $330 to $715. Linjer then diversified to creating watches with sales clocking up to $3 million. The two entrepreneurs, Jennifer and Khan, are on course to scaling up their activities. By 2016 last year, the business start-up had transformed into a real and lucrative organization. Linjer was on course to clocking $5 million in sales, almost doubling its 2015 figures. These sales have been attributed to the rapidly growing market demand.


Larry Gadea
Larry is the founder and CEO of Envoy. He represents a group of leading young entrepreneurs in app creation. Envoy offers an iPad-based guest signing-in interface. It is available in 55 countries. This tool is set to eliminate the tedious paper-based signing in procedure used to manage visitations to any establishment.

Needless to say, the engineering graduate is a Carleton University alumnus. He has been developing software content since middle and high school. At 18, right after completion of his high school, he was hired by Google. He later joined Twitter in its inception era but later left. He wanted to create his own company and started off with a website. Later on, he created the app and then a business around it when Envoy raised $15 million in investment.


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