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Private Label Partners

Offer our small business financing solutions as your own and close the deal. We'll handle the heavy lifting on the back end.

Your Revenue Share 70%

Direct Referrals

Introduce your existing customers or friends directly to our business financing experts, and we'll take care of everything else.

Your Revenue Share 20-30%

Lead Generation

Refer digital or live transfer sales leads to our business financing specialists and earn a commission for every valid lead generated.

Your Commission T.B.D.

Intelligent Lender Matching for the best chances of approval

Don’t waste time sending your clients directly to lenders only to have their financing needs rejected for one potentially avoidable reason or another. LenCred maintains one of the most robust databases of lender behaviors and preferences available. We utilize data from our own transactions to determine which lenders are most likely to approve the financing.

Expert oversight and customized funding plan

In addition to our cutting-edge lender matching technology, one of our business financing advisors will conduct a free consultation to look more closely at the borrower’s financial situation and credit profile before their application is submitted for funding. After the consultation is completed qualified clients will be able to achieve these three things by working with LenCred:

1. Flexible financing options at the lowest possible cost
2. Seperate their personal and business credit
3. Protect and preserve the qualify of their personal credit profile

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Commission payments and detailed performance reports are issued on a monthly basis.