The LenCred Team

Meet the people who help make Small Business Financing Simple

Cassidy Skinner, Resources Specialist
Cassidy Skinner
Resource Specialist
Jerri Lynn Dunlap, Administrative Coordinator
Jerri Lynn Dunlap
Administrative Coordinator
Joel Wilson, Resources Specialist
Joel Wilson
Resource Specialist
David Long, Software Developer
David Long
Software Developer
Jerry Engert, Director of Funding Operations
Jerry Engert
Small Business Finance Advisor
Christopher Lee, Small Business Finance Advisor
Christopher Lee
Small Business Finance Advisor
Rusty Sprague, Data Technician Manager
Rusty Sprague
Data Technician Manager
Sean Mory, Small Business Finance Advisor
Sean Mory
Small Business Finance Advisor
Andrelea Lawrence, Director of Business Relations
Andrelea Lawrence
Director of Business Relations
Gabriel Beale, Business Development Manager
Gabriel Beale
Business Development Manager
Scott Walker, V.P. of Business Development
Scott Walker
V.P. of Business Development
Cody Hughes, Small Business Finance Advisor
Cody Hughes
Small Business Finance Advisor
Robin Wallace, Private Label Liaison
Robin Wallace
Private Label Liaison
Kate Verkamp, Private Label Liaison
Kate Verkamp
Private Label Liaison
Jordan Williams, Client Experience Specialist
Jordan Williams
Client Experience Specialist
Laurie Glynn, Director of Funding Operations
Laurie Glynn
Director of Funding Operations
Kattie Hirsch, Billing and Funding Team Lead
Kattie Hirsch
Billing and Funding Team Lead
Jordan Thomas, Director, Resource Center
Jordan Thomas
Director of the Resource Center
Wade Callender, Resource Specialist
Wade Callender
Resource Specialist
Scott Hinterthuer, Client Experience Specialist
Scott Hinterthuer
Client Experience Specialist
Jeff Gazaway, Director of Specialized Financing
Jeff Gazaway
Small Business Finance Advisor
Dustin Weitzell, Small Business Finance Advisor
Dustin Weitzell
Small Business Finance Advisor
Leslie Burnett, Private Label Liaison
Leslie Burnett
Private Label Liaison