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Step 1: Pre-Approval

Here at LenCred we work with startup and established business owners who need between $25,000 – $200,000 in financing to start, build, or grow their companies. We do NOT have any revenue requirements and the companies who work best with us have between $0 (yes zero) and $250,000 in annual revenues. That’s our first requirement to be a good fit for us.

Step 2: Funding Consultation

The 2nd requirement is that you must care about your credit. That means that you should either want to preserve your excellent credit or you should want to learn how to borrow money in a way that does not damage your personal credit profile and FICO scores.

Step 3: Financial Road Map and Funding Plan

Our clients are able to not only obtain the funding they need to start, build, and grow their businesses but they also are able to separate their business and personal credit and they are able to protect, preserve, and improve their credit profiles and FICO scores.

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