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The 4 Biggest Credit Mistakes Small Business Owners Are Making (and How to Fix Them)
Small Business Owners Have Difficulty Getting the Credit They Need to Start and Grow

Getting the financing your small business needs to grow has always been challenging, but never more so than in today’s economy. To get the capital they need, more and more small business owners are turning to credit cards as a financing tool. In fact, credit cards are currently the number-one source of small business financing.

Using Credit Cards the Wrong Way Makes It Harder to Access Capital

Used properly, credit cards offer many benefits for small business owners. But using credit cards the wrong way can affect a small business owner’s ability to get credit and capital in the future. Whether by using a personal credit card for business, using the wrong kind of business credit card, over-utilizing the wrong credit cards or failing to maintain adequate available credit, too many small business owners are using credit cards the wrong way without even knowing it…and NOBODY is talking about this!

Learn the right way to use credit cards for your small business

Understand how to use credit cards the right way. Begin by paying off or reducing your existing credit card debt. Then be vigilant about maintaining or achieving good credit. Increase your available credit strategically and be sure to use the right kind of business credit card(s). Working with a qualified credit and lending expert can help improve your access to credit and capital. Download this strategy guide now to avoid the mistakes small business owners are making with regard to their credit decisions.