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Are you searching for financial resources to fund the purchase of an existing business with a track record of profitability? Do you need some cash to buy-out a current business partner? If so, take a moment to learn how to apply for a business acquisition loan. Then contact the team at LenCred to find out if a business acquisition loan (or any other type of business financing) is right for you. LenCred’s mission is to connect startups and established business owners with the right type of business financing resources. This business financing is used, primarily to start or purchase profitable, proven business models.

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Business Acquisition Loan

What is a Business Acquisition Loan?

Business acquisition loans generally fund the purchase of a established business or franchise, especially one with a successful and profitable history. 

How Do I Obtain a Business Acquisition Loan?

Loans are designed to meet specific business or consumer financial needs. Each loan is offered to meet many needs. The underwriters responsible for these new account holder credit decisions do so, by evaluating an applicant’s creditworthiness. Like mortgages and automobile loans, the applicant must comply with the underwriting guidelines to receive a credit approval.

The bottom line: To acquire a Business Acquisition loan for a small business, the applicant must evidence to the lender (with written documentation) that they, the consumer and the business they are buying, offer little lender risk. This, of course, is accomplished by submitting oodles of documentation to the bank before the final credit decision.

The fundamental objective is to show minimal debt, good credit and the ability to generate a profit consistently. These business acquisition loans are offered by banks and very often, by the seller of the business themselves. Of course, when all else fails, one can apply for a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan to obtain business acquisition financing.

The Financial Details Regarding Business Acquisition Loans

Independent of the loan’s purpose, these types of loans generally follow loose industry standards that include:

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The Pros & Cons of Business Acquisition Loans

Business Acquisition Loans, like all financial products, should be selected to meet the very specific need the product has been created to solve. First and foremost, the buyer/borrower must properly evidence that the target business is, and will remain, viable.

Some benefits for this type of loan include:

Remain aware, though that–

Qualifying for a Business Acquisition Loan

Credit decisions in this area of finance do not follow the rigid lending guidelines that are found when underwriting government-backed mortgages, for instance. Underwriters evaluating credit profiles for approval would clearly prefer to see a strong consistent comprehensive credit profile, than just one stellar factor. The underwriters seek out compensating factors and to determine the answers to these questions:

It is important to note that both the personal and business credit profiles are evaluated based upon a combination of both their merits. If the business is failing, even great credit risks might find it hard to find financing.

How is a Business Acquisition Loan Underwritten?

Each lender sets forth their own underwriting guides that applicants must meet to be approved for financing. As such, requirements vary by lender as well as the type of business acquisition loan chosen. However, every lender will require an applicant to have a solid business and personal financial history.

Underwriting Standards for Business Purchases:

The applicant must show  2-5 years of revenues that are either stable or in the process of increasing. The paperwork must document a consistent overall profitability picture. There is some wiggle room in this area as the applicant can sometimes pledge additional collateral to compensate for perceived business weaknesses.

Although they have a very real inherent value, underwriters strive to avoid the difficult assessment regarding the true value of  the concepts of ‘goodwill’ or ‘name recognition’ because its value often depends on the person who owns/runs the business. The nature of the business’ industry is an important to an underwriter evaluating the entire application’s overall creditworthiness.  They tend to prefer:

Underwriting Standards for the less risky Buy-out Transaction:

A buy-out transaction infers that there is an existing business operating profitably. The borrower, as a result, will have already semi-proven their ability to run the business successfully. As a result, the perceived risk of instability is lower.

The Personal Financial Requirements When Applying for a Business Acquisition Loan

How is the Business Assessed?

The business seller will be required to submit the business financials. These include:

Business acquisition loans vary significantly. It is, therefore, helpful to reach out for some assistance. The team of LenCred professionals offers various types of business loans and lines of credit for small business startups as well as established business owners. Contact the LenCred team for obtain details.